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Our track record includes the provision of Drilling Management on the first ever CCS well drilled in the UKCS, HPHT and deepwater well planning and a variety of well engineering studies carried out for our clients.

YearRegionProject Description
2018UKASProvision of NDSV's to the Transocean leader for the Kraken development in the UKCS.
2018UKCSProvision of NDSV's to the Heather & thistle platform for side-track drilling and abandonments.
2018UKCSProvision of DSV's to the Magnus platform for reactivation and drilling
2018West AfricaProvision of a Drilling Superintendent for in country rotation working on the Deepwater Baobab Project.
2018HollandProvision of a well site engineer for the drilling of QTY 2 development wells offshore Holland.
2018UKProvision of staff NDSV for the final planning and operations on QTY 2 horizontal wells, onshore UK
2018UKProvision of well design review with recommendations for an onshore 2000m geothermal exploration well.
2018MyanmarProvision of a planning and operations team for QTY 3 Deepwater exploration wells offshore Myanmar
2018EgyptComplete project management of a 2700m exploration well onshore Egypt
2018EgyptComplete project management of a 2600m exploration well onshore Egypt
2018EgyptComplete project management of a 2500m development well onshore Egypt.
2018EgyptComplete project management of a 2500m development well onshore Egypt.
2018West of IrelandFeasibility study for a Deepwater well to be drilled West of Ireland in 2019.
2018UKReview of a planned high angle development platform well.
2018GreecePlanning and operations supervision of an offshore development well.
2017Equatorial Guinea - Aseng 6PHigh level planning with time and cost estimates for a deepwater well. Review of offset data, identification of NPT and drilling problems.
2017Italy - IrminioCompletion programme preparation for the re-completion of two wells to bring them back onto production. Review of problems encountered
2017UKCSHigh level time and cost estimate for a sidetrack of a CNS subsea well. Trajectory modelling, identification of KOP and drillability to SS targets.
2017UKCSPreparation of a rig availability report for Semi-Submersibles in 2017/2018
2017Egypt - SD-1XComplete Project Management of a 2500m exploration discovery well onshore Nile Delta, Egypt.
2017UK - HolmwoodComplete Project Management of a 2500m exploration well onshore UK.
2017Italy - Bella-1Basis of Design and drilling programme of an onshore exploration well.
2017UK - Prospect ABasis of design, well timings and costs for a near shore reservoir comparing options for an extended reach well from onshore and an offshore well.
2017Italy - TeodericoBasis of design and drilling programme of an onshore exploration well.
2016/17ChadDrilling, Completions, Fluid and Cementing expertise input to an onshore six well development programme Chad
2014 - 2017UK - CheviotProvision of an SDE to provide full well engineering support on the Cheviot development.
2016UK - Highland 12-93-3Basis of design for an offshore appraisal well
2016UK - ColterBasis of design for an onshore exploration well
2016UK - Snowdon ProspectTime and Cost Estimate for an offshore exploration well.
2016Italy - Ombrina MareComplete Project Management of an offshore high H2S well abandonment campaign utilising a Jack Up over a wellhead platform
2016Italy - Calderasi - 2dir & 3dirWell planning and cost estimation for onshore well abandonments and sidetracks.
2016UK - Whisby 6Complete Project Management of a 1200m development well onshore UK.
2016West of Ireland - Porcubine Basin FEL 2/13 and FEL 3/13Offset review with time and cost estimate for 2 deep water wells.
2013 / 2016UK - ArranWell planning for a 3-5 well subsea development, review 1 or 2 drill centres, optimum surface locations for well plans.
2015UK - BlytheBasis of Design / Detailed Well Planning for an offshore appraisal well.
2015UK - Kiln LaneFull Well Management for the drilling of an onshore 2500m exploration well in the UK.
2015Cameroon - Oak DevelopmentProvided a multi-disciplined team of Senior Drilling Engineers, Completions Engineers and Production Technologists to conduct Basis of Design with time and costs for input in to the Oak field development plan.
2015UK - Rowan Gorilla VPreparation and delivery of offshore HPHT Training Courses to the Rowan Gorilla V teams
2015UK - Prospector 1 & 5Preparation and delivery of offshore HPHT Training Courses to the Prospector 1 & 5 teams.
2015Trinidad - GourdonReview of multiple well drilling campaign onshore Trinidad.
2015Trinidad - GourdonProvision of a Drilling Manager for a multi well drilling campaign onshore Trinidad.
2015UK - GadwallUK Subsea Well – SDE planning the re-entry and sidetrack on Gadwall Well in the North Sea.
2015Nigeria - Niger Delta OML40Provision of a Drilling Advisor to carry out a readiness review for an onshore drilling campaign in Nigeria.
2015UK - Isle of Wight P1916Preparation of a Basis of Design for an onshore to offshore well to be drilled on the Isle of Wight.
2013 / 2015UK - PlatypusSouthern North Sea development, outline well planning, including completions, review of subsea and platform options, time and cost estimates.
2014UK - WillhunterProvision of a Night Drilling Supervisor for rig operations in the UKCS.
2014Cameroon - NM3xProvision of a Drilling Advisor to review the organisational set up and operational performance of an HPHT well drilled with a Jack up, offshore Cameroon.
2014UK - Sedco 712Provision of a Wellsite Drilling Engineer for various rig operations in the UKCS.
2014Rig ReportUKCS rig review report for the Central North Sea and West of Shetland outlining Semi-Submersible and Jack Up rig availability for exploration wells in 2014/2015
2014Rig ReportFarm in prospects – High level time and cost estimates provided on two North Sea prospects for potential farm in opportunities.
2014UK - NinnianSDE and SCE supporting the UKNS CNR team in all aspects of well engineering and completion work for Subsea wells.
2014Cameroon - Bakassi WestInitial well planning and full logistics support for Bakassi well to be drilled in Cameroon.
2014Ivory Coast - BaobabBasis of Design for an exploration well offshore Ivory Coast.
2014Ivory Coast - BaobabInitial abandonment planning for 9 subsea development / water injection wells offshore Cote D’Ivoire.
2014UK - NinnianReview and planning work on a water injector well outlining the risks associated with a two hole section side track compared to a one hole section side track.
2014Africa - Frigate 1Provision of an Aberdeen based drilling advisor and an in country Drilling Representative to oversee a deep water HPHT well being drilled in Mauritania where client were the licence holder and the well was being drilled by another operator.
2014UK - Wenlock, Tors, HellvelynAbandonment Study - Independent review of costs to abandon multiple wells on three different fields in the SNS.
2014Tanzania - South RukwaWell design with time and cost estimates for a well to be drilled onshore remote location Tanzania
2014UK - SkipperBudgetary time and cost estimates for a variety of Well Options for an Appraisal well on the Skipper Prospect.
2014UK - GuillemotReview of the current status of all subsea wells, review of drilling problems in the field and update well schematics. Potential follow on work will be well planning for infill drilling targets
2013UKProvision of a Drilling Advisor for a North Sea HPHT Well
2013France - Bearn de GarvesOffset well review, well plan and cost estimate for an onshore well.
2012/2013UK - WhiteroseCarbon Capture Well - Drilling Manager for the planning, contracting and supervision of operations on an appraisal well with the Energy Endeavour to drill an appraisal well in block 42/25 to evaluate a bunter sandstone reservoir for carbon capture, this involved multiple coring runs, Logging, MDT, mini fracs, a well test with an ESP and injection tests. The well was completed on time and in budget.
2012/2013UK - FyneProvision of a Well Engineering team to Antrim for the initial planning of a 6 well subsea development in the CNS, UKCS. Involvement included Outline well planning, budgetary time and costs, review of the rig market, tendering for SS Trees and wellheads and Input to the FDP for the drilling and completion of the wells.
2012UK - ColumbusReview of capable jack-ups for two CNS development wells including a report on cost difference between subsea and jack up drilled wells.
2012UK - Rubie & ReneeReview of Rubie/Renee subsea wells in preparation for SOSREP pollution exercise.
2012Norway - Tvillingen SouthWell planning and casing design (stress check and well cat) for an HPHT well in Norway.
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